Estiluz · 2021  


Leonardo Da Vinci

This is the spirit of Cyls:
a simple, but very versatile and honest luminaire that avoids the grandiloquence and returns to the importance of the little things.

A set of metal cylinders make up the Cyls collection, responding to the ‘mix and match’ concept. From a simple architectural base customizable with a marble base or a lampshade that diffuses its warm and pleasant light that adapts more and better to the spirit of the room in which it is located.

This customization capacity makes Cyls a very versatile luminaire, available in a pendant, a wall sconce, a floor lamp, and a table lamp. Cyls is one of the simplest and most chameleonic lamps from Estiluz. It is designed to adapt to any space that seeks a touch of architectural design, for stylish hotels and restaurants, but also for individuals.

Simple or sophisticated.

Produced by Estiluz
Design by Mermelada Estudio

Photos by Táctica