BD Barcelona · 2019

The story starts at the beginning in 1977 when Pep Bonet designed the Racor bathroom accessory collection, which was so successful that it won the Disueño ADI-FAD award and marketed for decades.

REmix project Vol. 04
Blue and white glass pieces attached together.
Produced in limited edition of 60 unique pieces.

When the collection discontinued (the genius’ had a right to rest) stock of only three pieces of blown glass were left - the toothbrush holder, cup and soap dish. The first time we saw them we fell in love with the shapes and colours. We started to imagine, play and compose. As with a DNA chain they were generating different combinations in an almost natural way, all of them different - 60 unique pieces carrying the same essence with distinct functions. They are candleholders, incense burners or little flower vases.

Design with the objective of giving another chance to accumulated and obsolete materials in company warehouses. Old stocks from bathroom accessories are now reborn, having new utility thanks to the imagination of the designers and the abilities of a master glass maker.

Produced by BD Barcelona.
Art direction by Mermelada Estudio.
Photos by Manu Da Costa.