DEMO  · 2014

DOM is a small vase designed to contain inside a feather, a cactus or whatever you decide. Inspired by a bird cage, the only rule is that you can see but you can't touch.

DOM vase is a dialogue between technology and crafts, simplicity and complexity.

For the occasion of DEMO design festival, we were commissioned to design an object; the main part of it must be produced with a plastic 3d printer. We thought this was a good opportunity for us to do a research about how we could dignify 3D printed plastic by mixing it with other materials.

The laborious and imperfect plastic dome, produced with a 3d printer, is combined with the strength and quality of the marble, the wood and the glass. The entire piece is finished in one-colour, creating an elegant balance between the textures of the materials.

It is produced in 4 colours, in a limited edition of 49 pieces+ 1 prototype of each colour.

Commissioned by ADI FAD for DEMO.
Art direction by Mermelada Estudio.
Photos by Manu Da Costa.