Rara Avis

EDITIIO · 2019
“Rara Avis is defined as a person or thing that is unusual or exceptional. The origin of the word comes from Latin and it refers to rare birds.” 

Rara Avis is the result of a dialogue between art and design. Miquel Aparici and Mermelada Estudio talked about finding a way to converge their works. As a result of that, they merged the characteristic work of Miquel into a collection of side tables.

Created from the assembly of basic geometric shapes, they are hand-made in Spain by master cabinetmakers who manufacture Spanish handmade guitars and by metalworkers who specialize in the production of art pieces.

The first volume is made of French oak and 24K gold-plated steel.

Produced by EDITIIO.
Art direction by Mermelada Estudio.
Photos by Manu Da Costa.
Designed by Mermelada Estudio and Miquel Aparici.