MEXA · 2019

La france au mexique!
Barcelonette is a village located in the French Alps with a very particular history. It was founded by Ramon Berenguer IV in the XIII century, later in the XIX century, most of its inhabitants migrated to Mexico, taking with them many French influences and bringing back many Mexican influences on their return. Currently this town is considered an exotic rarity, some call it the French Mexican town.

This collection is a nod to the mix of the influences between both countries. It is based on the elegance of the outdoor French chairs that became popular at the end on the XIX century , filling with sophistication parks terraces and cafes. All of this combined with the color, the craftmanship, and the joy that is so characteristic of Mexico.

The collection is composed of seats presented in various finishes and thought for outdoor indoor use. It is fabricated entirely by hand in Mexico with local materials by metal and weaving artisans.

Produced by MEXA.
Art direction by Mermelada Estudio.
Photos by César Béjar.